The Savvy Sylvanian Gets An Upgrade - A Visit to Reve Salon and Spa

Sylvania Advantage // February, 2017
Written by: Mary Helen Darah

I met Renee Iuele through a mutual friend. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was waiting to hear if I required chemo. Renee kindly offered to give me a pixy cut. Her philosophy was that if I didn't need chemo, it would be a low maintenance option and if I did, shorter locks would be easier to part with. I received so many compliments on my new style that sadly, thanks to chemo, ended up looking like a small rodent in my shower drain. A decade later, my now healthy locks were once again in her capable hands at Rêvé Salon and Spa, located at 5633 Main St. in Sylvania.

Iuele has been making men and women have great hair days for the past 30 years. She has been with Rêvé Salon and Spa since 2002 specializing in color and precision cutting. Considering I feel any day with hair is a good hair day, I was excited to take things up a notch. We began with a consultation. "I love it when someone brings in a photo. I then can visualize what they desire," stated Iuele. "The consultation is huge especially if a guest doesn’t know what they want. I ask them how much time they have to spend on their style, what kind of lifestyle do they lead and what are their expectations in regards to upkeep." We determined that I was a "non-primper" and went for a low maintenance style. I was then told I need to lighten up. After realizing she was referring to my hair, we also decided to do color and highlights as well. It was a bit intimidating having foils wrapped on your head as she brushed on a concoction from what looked like a junior chemistry set but it was surprisingly quick and painless. "We take chemistry in cosmetology school. Mixing color is a skill that continues to develop after decades of experience," she explained. "Rêvé provides numerous continuous educational programs so we are always up to date on the latest trends and techniques."

Following the highlighting and color process, Iuele gave me a hair treatment. "We offer high-end products that focus on maintaining hair health" she stated. All I know is that I would gladly pay just to have my head massaged again. The way my hair felt post-treatment was simply an extra-added bonus. The haircut followed and I was extremely pleased with the results.

To add to my new look, I then had a makeup consultation with the highly knowledgeable and talented makeup artist, Sharon Smith. It took seconds to sense her passion for her work. "You can be an amazing artist but if you don’t have passion when it comes to people it falls flat," she explained. "Above all, have fun! It’s makeup for gosh sakes." Smith enjoys teaching people makeup techniques and helping people look fabulous for special events. She also prides herself on helping people look their best at any age and making her guests feel pampered. She succeeded at both. 

While there, I discovered that you can be primped and pampered from head to toe at Rêvé. I wish I had the time to explore the other services offered at the full-service salon. I had an enjoyable experience, especially reconnecting with Renee Iuele and getting to know Sharon Smith. Their talent is abundant but for me, what truly mattered was their desire and mission to make people feel happy and feel good about their appearance. 
Mission accomplished.