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Salon Services

Power Blonding, Fashion shades, Corrective Color are $100 an hour. Consultation required prior to color correction appointment. $50 Consultation fee will be required and applied towards service. 50% deposit fee will be required for New Guest at the time of booking and applied towards service. Must cancel in 48 hours in advanced for refund of deposit. Click on the service name below to learn more about that service.

Bleach / Tone
Advanced Stylist$73
Senior Stylist 1$76
Senior Stylist 2$79
Senior Stylist 3$82
Educator 2$85
Educator 3$87
Highlights (Balayage or Foils)
Advanced Stylist$93+
Senior Stylist 1$107+
Senior Stylist 2$114+
Senior Stylist 3$122+
Educator 2$128+
Educator 3$138+
Color Services
Advanced Stylist$62+
Senior Stylist 1$65+
Senior Stylist 2$70+
Senior Stylist 3$73+
Educator 2$76+
Educator 3$81+
Cut & Style
 WomenMen / Children
Advanced Stylist$36$31
Senior Stylist 1$42$37
Senior Stylist 2$48$43
Senior Stylist 3$54$49
Educator 2$64$59
Educator 3$74$59
Brazilian Blowout
Advanced Stylist$280
Senior Stylist 1$280
Senior Stylist 2$280
Senior Stylist 3$280
Educator 2$280
Educator 3$300
Brazilian Blowout Express
Advanced Stylist$125
Senior Stylist 1$125
Senior Stylist 2$130
Senior Stylist 3$140
Educator 2$140
Educator 3$150
Hair Extensions
NBR/Hand Tied Extensions

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions are a hand-tied method of hair extensions offering the most natural look with the least amount of damage. Both NBR and other types of hand-tied extensions offer the maximum amount of fullness with the least points of contact on the scalp. Only the finest human hair is custom colored and hand-tied for a completely seamless blend. Pricing upon request.

Klix Extensions

Each strand is individually hand threaded onto a skin like weft, root to end, maintaining the hair’s natural cuticle direction, which allows Klix Hair Extensions to remain tangle free while looking undeniably natural and shiny. The weft is attached to your hair with silicone lined micro-links that protect your hair and the skin like weft blends for a seamless application.
 Blow Dry & StyleBlow Dry w/ Heat SetUp-Do
Advanced Stylist$27$45$65
Senior Stylist 1$31$49$75
Senior Stylist 2$35$53$75
Senior Stylist 3$38$56$85
Educator 2$43$62$89
Educator 3$46$67$95