Spa Services

Note: children may not be brought along for any spa services.

Body Treatments

Back Treatment
A stimulating mask, followed by brisk exfoliation removes dead skin, cleanses pores, tones, moisturizes and buffs.$65 - $80


Aromatherapy Massage
30 minutes$53 - $65
60 minutes$75 - $90
90 minutes$100 - $115
Aromatic plant and flower essences relax the nervous system and calm the mind.


Deep Tissue
30 minutes$55 - $70
60 minutes$75 - $105
90 minutes$105- $125
Individualized treatment concentrates pressure on stressed and tensed areas.


Massage Sampler
Your relaxation experience begins with aromatherapy followed by deep tissue to relax your neck and shoulders, then Swedish to unwind your body and improve circulation. Next hot basalt stones are used to penetrate fatigued muscles of the back. Finally the sampler is topped off with reflexology to induce full body balance.1 hr / $99
Maternity Massage
Total relaxation for the mom-to-be. Special pillows and extra special care.1 hr/
$80 - $95
Reflexology Foot Massage
Pressure points gentle manipulated. Induce a state of balance throughout the entire body.30 min / $35 - $50
Reve Rocks
60 minutes$94 - $109
90 minutes$139 -$169
Heated basalt stones and essential oils penetrate deep to relax and balance.


Massage with your best friend or significant other. Share the experience.

Deposit required
1 hr /
$140 - $160
Swedish Massage
30 minutes$43 - $54
60 minutes$65 - $80
90 minutes$90 - $105
Classic European technique. Increases tissue metabolism, improves circulations and promotes relaxation.


Vichy Shower

Buttermilk and Honey
Buttermilk, Oats and Honey mixed with soothing showers to moisturize, renew and smooth.1 hr / $85 - $100
Detoxifying Mud
A product of marine origin, this mud remineralizes, balances and detoxifies. Expect powerful warm/ cool sensation.1 hr / $95 - $108
Firming Sea Mud
This smooth and creamy mud provides and ocean full of active seaweeds to penetrate skin for the utlimate in purifying, firming and stimulating.1 hr / $95 - $108
Vichy Polish
Alpha-hydroxy exfoliation. Rich, moisturizing application. Simple, soothing, elegant.45 min /
$65 - $78



Threading is a no irritation alternative to waxing.

Full Face$43


Essential Facial


Hydrates, soothes and moisturizes dry sensitive skin. The facial for all skin types. Great for post- procedure skin.

Full Version$75 - $90
Mini Version$45 - $60







Eminence Custom Facial

The primary focus of our Custom Facial is to address your specific skin concerns with a customized skin treatment regimen. We’ll start with a analysis then use that information to create a therapeutic facial with customized products from Eminence Organics. This is the perfect start to better skin care as well as self-care!

Full $75 - $90







Purifying Facial
Deep cleans, calms and restores irritated blemish prone skin. Great for oily, congested or acne skin.

Full service only 1 hour.
$75 - $90
Hydrating Facial
The ultimate hydration facial nourishes and renews dry, aging or sun damaged skin.

Full service only 1 hour.
$85 - $100
Derma Planing
Derma planing is a manual exfoliation of the skin. It removes the outer layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Derma planing can be done with some chemical peels. Consult your esthetician for more information. (Derma planing is not recommended for skin with acne or over oily conditions.)$50
Hydration Masque
Immediately adds moisture and relief for dry skin. Perfect for post-procedure.$20
Eye Contour Treatment
Reduce puffiness, bags and dark circles through microcirculation.$15

Spa Day

Active Fitness
90-Minute Massage
Firming Sea Mud Vichy Shower
Reflexology Foot Treatment
Eminence Custom Facial
Spa Pedicure
Kerastase Treatment Shampoo & Blow-dry

Every inch of your body toned and tingly with life and energy.

Deposit required
Couples Delight
60-Minute Massage
Eminence Custom Facial
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Kerastase Treatment Shampoo & Blow-dry

Dinner at award winning Element 112 extends the romance! Dining experience includes 7 course signature tasting menu and a welcome glass of champagne. *Does not include beverages or gratuity*

Deposit required
Extreme Luxury
90-Minute Aromatherapy Massage
Body Polish Vichy
Eminence Facial
Eye Contour Treatment
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Kerastase Treatment Shampoo & Blow-dry with one of our senior stylists
Makeup application with our makeup artist

Deposit required
Pure Bliss/Bridal Bliss
90-Minute Massage
Eminence Facial
Reflexology Foot Massage
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Kerastase Treatment Shampoo & Blow-dry

Six luxurious services tailored to your whims. All the pampering you deserve.

Deposit required
Rain Shower
60 Minute Massage
Spa Pedicure
Eminence Facial
Buttermilk & Honey Vichy Shower
Kerastase Treatment Shampoo & Blow Dry

All-over moisture leaves you feeling clean, healthy, firmed, invigorated.

Deposit required
Reve Escape
60-Minute Aromatherapy Massage
Eminence Facial
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure

Always make room for more beauty in your life.

Deposit required
Reve for Gentlemen
60-Minute Deep Tissue Massage
Reflexology Foot Massage
Vichy Body Polish
Baxter Men’s Facial
Spa Manicure

Buff body, face, hands and feet. Bolster confidence. Boost energy and resolve.

Deposit required
Reve Retreat
60-Minute Swedish Massage
Buttermilk and Honey Vichy Shower
Eminence Facial
30-Minute Foot Reflexology

Take time so you're relaxed and ready for whatever life brings.

Deposit required
Stress Reliever
60-Minute Swedish Massage
Revitalizing Mud Vichy Shower
Eminence Facial
Reflexology Foot Massage

Release tension. Reduce worries. An entire morning or afternoon of relaxation.

Deposit required


Hands$14 - $24
Forearms$27 - $37
Underarms$27 - $37
Full arms$42 - $52


Extra wax charge: $5 – $15
For ultimate results with waxing, hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch long.


*Any 3 areas on the face*

Ears$10 - $20
Nose$10 - $19
Chin$14 - $20
Lip$14 - $19
Eyebrows$18 - $22
Face sides$17 - $27
Full face$40 - $50

Extra wax charge: $5 – $15
For ultimate results with waxing, hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch long.


Feet$15 - $24
Toes$15 - $24
Half legs$32 - $42
Full legs$57 - $67
Full legs & bikini$85 - $110


Extra wax charge: $5 – $15
For ultimate results with waxing, hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch long.

Stomach$17 - $35
Bikini$30 - $43
Teenie Bikini$45 - $60
Back$55 - $70
Chest$55 - $70
Brazillian$55 - $80

Extra wax charge: $5 – $15
For ultimate results with waxing, hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch long.

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